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The Liberal Housing Plan (New)


Unlock Home Ownership

Young Canadians want the chance to buy and raise their families in a home of their own — just like their parents and grandparents did. But higher rent prices and the increased cost of living are continuing to make it more difficult for them to save for a down payment.

As a country, we need to support Canadians in their goal of becoming homeowners. That’s why our Liberal plan will help renters become owners, help young Canadians afford a down payment faster, and help them reduce the closing costs that come with purchasing a home.

By helping our young people unlock homeownership, we will grow the middle class and keep moving Canada forward for everyone.

Build More Homes

Even if more Canadians can afford a downpayment, without a greater supply of homes, that would just mean more people lining up to purchase every available home.

As a country, we need to build more homes – the kinds of homes that meet the needs of different people.

We need homes in urban centres that are built for middle class families, with the amenities to match, like accessible child care and public transit. We need affordable housing for vulnerable people like women fleeing violence, persons with disabilities, and youth. We need a co-developed housing plan for Indigneous people living in urban, rural and northern off-reserve communities. And for aging parents and grandparents planning their future, we need to support multi-generational living as a way to promote down-sizing and aging well at home.

Protect Your Rights

Homes are for people, and families. Yet, too often the high demand for homes has led to a spread of unfair, predatory, high-pressure tactics that take advantage of prospective buyers.

A re-elected Liberal government will be there for you – to protect your rights and safeguard the largest investment many Canadians are likely to make.

We will also crack down on the profiteers, wealthy corporations, and foreign investors who contribute to a growing problem of underused and vacant housing, rampant speculation, and skyrocketing prices.

Displaying all platform commitments.

  • Help renters become owners
  • More flexible First-Time Home Buyer Incentive
  • Afford a down-payment, faster
  • Save on your closing costs of buying a home
  • Reduce your monthly mortgage costs when you need it most
  • Give cities the tools to speed up housing construction
  • Build and repair more affordable housing
  • Convert empty office space into housing
  • Help different generations of a family live together
  • Support Indigenous Housing
  • End chronic homelessness
  • Curb unproductive foreign ownership
  • Stop Excessive Profits in the Financialization of Housing
  • Reduce incentives for speculation and house flipping
  • Strengthen federal oversight of the housing market
  • Introduce a Home Buyers’ Bill of Rights